Candle Making Family Day

I wanted to give families the opportunity to connect while creating their own art.  Local Color is a great venue to create an open space for families to relax while having fun! This event was catered for people ages 0-100 who want to make something themselves with the tools and guidance of in-house professionals.
Affordable activities for the whole family is important to me.  I wanted all sizes of families of different economical backgrounds to come to together.  I would never want to exclude someone, especially a child, from a creative experience because of financial difficulties. 
Now that I have my own family, I am blown away by how much activities cost families.  If my husband, daughter, and myself want to take a fun painting class it would be $90 total. That's insane! I understand there are costs associated and that it is a business.  But still...a family of four would cost $120 for a one time activity.  That's why our event would cost a family of four to do the candle making $40 total.
Here are some of the paid explorations that were offered: DIY candle making class with Tea Cups To Candles, DIY terrarium class with Designs by Maureen Holcomb, and various canvases/paint for all types of young artists. 
Plenty of free goings-on as well to include: ping pong, foozball, skee ball, mini basketball, arcade games, community mural, a mega large twister game, and 20’x30’ floor canvas for the little ones to color on.  Our resident professional clown, Kristin, gave out animal balloons while working the snack bar.
Local Color allowed to arrange the furniture so that all activities were surrounded by couches and lounge chairs.  This allowed people a chance to take a break and relax in a comfortable atmosphere. No Family Day would be complete without a Frozen sing-a-long.  Some of the kids were able to use a microphone for the first time and show off their pipes!